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Here at TheDeerFactory, we understand the magical power of a unique gift and what better gift to give than socks? For generations, socks have been the quintessential go-to gift. But this loyal member of our wardrobe has always had connotations of being a bit of a snooze. We’re revamping this old classic and innovating the art of gift giving. If you are looking for the perfect gift that keeps on delighting, a DeerFactory sock subscription is the answer.

You could be selfish with all the fun socks, but who would want to be? We believe, there are plenty to go around. Sure, wearing awesome socks is an enjoyable solo venture, but isn’t the pleasure amplified when you share the experience with a friend or two? Rather than make your admirers jealous, why not include them in the fun?

Friendship is a powerful thing, and some people underestimate just how important friends are in your life, and much like friends, we all need socks. Socks are not only a great exchange between friends, but they actually travel with their own little custom-made friend! When you gift a DeerFactory sock subscription, every time the recipient of your gift will be reminded of your special bond when he opens up his sock drawer, takes off his shoes, or props up his feet in a chill moment.

Treat your friends well and you will never lose touch with them.

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