How socks can influence performance and social standing


It's not news to anyone that we judge others based on their clothes. People like to fit in, and that’s only natural! Humans are social animals, we usually live in groups and want to be accepted by the people around us. Being the odd one out can make us feel exposed, but did you know that by not conforming you are actually impressing people more than by blending in?

In a recent study, a Harvard Business School associate professor found that people who stand out from the crowd are seen as having higher “status” than others. Their experiments looked at everything from how executives responded to business school instructors who wore red sneakers to what luxury clothing boutique clerks thought of shoppers who came into their stores wearing gym clothes. The results indicate that people judge these slight deviations from the norm as positive because they suggest that the individual is powerful enough to risk the social costs of such behaviors. The positive inferences did, however, disappear when the nonconforming behavior got depicted as unintentional.

So there you have it! Wearing a small item, like a quirky pair of socks, will make you stand out, and instantly make people think more of you. Showing that you are brave enough to be different, even in a small way, says you are successful and unique. Who would have thought that something so simple could help you to give such a great first impression?

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